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'There, there, my dear boy,' he said, 'come and have a sloe gin.  That's the real answer to all beastly problems.'

A fallacy with some drinks is that they belong only to a certain season or should only be served one way  Chilled red wine sounds like a abomination to some, but is particularly popular in Spain.  Sloe gin is often seen as a mere Christmas drink, but this would be a grave injustice.

Any fruity alcohol will have a variety of uses and this is no different for Sloe gin - or Damson or Bullace for that matter.  Here are a few different wats to ensure that this is a drink for all seasons

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Spring Gin.jpg


Sloe Gin & Tonic

The traditional combination; a healthy shot of sloe gin topped up with your chosen tonic.  Add ice and a few of your favourite berries to create a twist on the old classic

Summer Gin.jpg


Sloe Fizz

Drop a little sloe gin into a champagne flute and top up with your favourite bubbles for a refreshingly sparkling and fruity delight as the summer evening shadows lengthen

Autumn Gin.jpg



Tradiationally made by putting the gin soaked sloes into cider to steep, this variation simply adds a shot of sloe gin to a glass of cider to give a colourful and fruity variation.  Beware, this will be quite potent!

Winter Gin.jpg


Sloe Gin and Mince Pie

Well, we couldn't ignore the best way to enjoy sloe gin; neat and by a crackling fire with a sumptuous mince pie to add to the fruity experience.  One to warm you through the cold winter nights.

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