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Spring Collection

With signs of spring around the bakery comes our Spring Collection

We deliver cupcakes in the Chester, Wrexham and Whictchurch areas.

Choose from our range below and contact us with your order and preferred delivery date.

Payment is by PayPal once your order is confirmed or cash on delivery

Key Lime Pie 2.jpg
Lemon 7.JPG
Custad Creme 1.jpg
Rose 2.JPG
Peaches and Cream 2.JPG

Peaches and Cream

Sweet and Juicy

Rose & Pistachio

Don't knock it 'till you've tried it - delicately floral

Custard Cream

What's better than a cup of tea and a custard cream?  A cup of tea ans a custard cream cupcake of course!


Tangy Lemon tickles the taste buds; this lemon cup cake is zesty right through to the lemon curd centre

Key Lime Pie

Combines all the zingy flavours of this classic pud. With a lime curd centre and a floaty light cream and custard frosting

Spring Collection: Products
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