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Preserves & Honey

Our preserves are made using fresh produce we grow in our kitchen garden - that's not many food miles.  They're all a bit wonky and one batch probably wont taste quire like the previous one, but it'll certainly be tasty!  See below for our current flavours.  We keep a couple of hives on out plot to help with the fruit.  We take what honey is appropriate for that season.  As such, our supply is quite variable.


Delicious on toast or better still, a scone.


Current varieties include:

  • Strawberry and Redcurrant

  • Balckcurrant

  • Raspberry

  • Gooseberry

  • Jumbleberry

  • Rhubarb and Orange


To complete a ploughman's lunch or a cheese doorstop!

We make the most of the gluts of fruit and veg supplied by the different seasons and as such, the chutneys available reflect that. We also like to revisit flavours from the past and love to make quince jelly and crab apple cheese


Our current chutney option include:

  • Apple

  • Spiced Plum and Cranberry

  • Apple and Chilli

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