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Wych's Brew is a small and local business based in the southwest corner of Cheshire, launched in 2021.  Named after the little Wych Brook (pronounced why-ch locally), which runs alongside the village and towards the River Dee.  This is an open countryside of hedgerows, horses, damsons and apples, rich in history.


Business growth has been steady with a focus on quality rather than trying to be too big too soon.  Cat and Mat Dowsett, ably supported by their two children, Izzie and Ben, produce seasonal food and drink that has gained wide renown, resulting in being finalists in the Taste Cheshire Drinks Producer of the Year category in 2023.  The focus is on local, seasonal and sustainable, but above all - delicious and desirable.

Great Food

Driven by Cat's instinct for attractive and delicious bites, a range of wonderful bakes has been supplemented by a wide variety of preserves. 

Cat's fine touch with bakes means that cupcakes look almost too good to eat, brownies are works of art and her afternoon teas rival those of fine establishments.

Cat will use whatever seasonal fruits are available to come up with a range of jams and chutneys.  Meanwhile Cat is on a mission to bring back to life the long-held passion for quince jelly.  Cat is also working hard to make sure our bees are kept happy and productive.

Great Drink

Mat is our drinks master and during late summer and autumn spends his time anxiously awaiting news of great fruit harvests from local sources (many local friends and contacts contribute).  From the patient process of compounding wonderful gins including the popular Black Ruin, to the intense work that converts hundreds of kilos of apples into juice for cider, Mat is always working hard to bring great final products to customers.

Mat is never happier than when he is talking about fruit yields, the best places to find sloes or the tricky methods of blending varieties of cider.  He enjoys giving talks and demonstrations and always says that "Autumn is not a season, it's a process."

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