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Life's more fun...

...when it's a bit wonky!  Easy to say, but what does that really mean?

So much of what we produce is made by hand.  We are a truly homemade business and there are just a couple of us.  That means we make mistakes, occasionally bodge things and not everything turns out exactly as we planned it.  Some people strive for perfection, but we don't believe there is such a thing.  What we strive for is quality in our products and an excellent experience for our customers.  So, sometimes our labels are not exactly straight.  Sometimes our cakes are not exactly symmetrical.  We don't make everything exactly the same all the time because our ingredients vary, and let's be honest - that's all a bit predictable.  What we do is focus on lovely products time and again that you will love and if that means we are a bit wonky then so be it - life's more fun that way.

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