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Black Ruin
Fruit Gin 27%

750 or 500ml

The carefully blended combination of damson, bullace, sloe and spices results in a traditional style fruit gin which is a delicious, festive winter warmer and a refreshing summer cocktail addition.

Hints of plum and almond with a background depth of spice give a warming sensation from start to finish. Sweet but cosy, and rich in colour.

Follow the link below for some drinks suggestions.

Honey Gin 28%

750 or 500ml

Mellow local honey blended with gin and a touch of citrus giving a sharp but sweet taste of nature.

Background citrus with a lemon-coloured tinge will trick you into thinking this is more acidic, but the honey and juniper overtones bring this back into balance.  A slice of local meadows on a traditional gin background.

We use our own honey or locally sourced honey when stocks are low.

Cheshire Gold
Medium Cider 4.5%

A blend of many local apple varieties carefully balanced to give a tangy but not over dry, still cider.  Traditionally made with an added hint of Xylitol (natural sweetener) this cider should appeal to a broad palette.

Golden drops of apple.  The appearance may be light, but the depth is evident as over 15 varieties have been blended to create Cheshire Gold.  The natural sweetener takes off some of the dryness but does not remove the distinctive apple tang.

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