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Announcing - Cheshire Gold Cider

We are delighted to announce the launch of our first cider - Cheshire Gold.

Cheshire may not be known for cider, but that hasn't stopped us from bringing together a blend of around 15 different types of local apple (all varieties from large cookers, tiny crab apples and none of them commercial), to produce a medium cider that is 4.5% ABV.

This cider is very much a trial. We have pressed around half a tonne of apples to give us 250l of apple juice and we expect to fill 500 330ml bottles for sale over the coming months. With any luck these will sell out quickly and give us the motivation we need to scale this up next year.

Cheshire Gold has a little Xylitol - a naturally occurring sweetener that will take off some of the dryness without leaving a bitter aftertaste. We hope that through careful blending and balancing the end result will be a great, local craft cider that is easy to drink and will become a local favourite.

Cheshire Gold will be available from Threapwood Village Store and also at any of the fairs we are attending. Have a look at the "Where to find us" page for more details. Cheers!

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