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Our Bees Arrived!

Our move to keeping bees has been a steady one. This is not the kind of thing that can be rushed, and preparations have focused on siting the hives in the best place, getting the right kit and building the knowledge. That being said, it had still been a very exciting time and his culminated in recently taking delivery of our first hive of bees. There was a bit of a surprise as we ended up with a bigger hive than we were expecting! The bees were moved into their new home at the end of April and seemed to trigger the start of the wet weather, but despite this, they have thrived so far. In fact they have expanded to the point where there a now two supers on the hive and we may get our first crop of honey this year. We are aiming to get the second hive going as soon as possible but until then the focus is on managing the first. The bees seem happy, well set and causing no bother, even when we mow around them! Here's to honey on toast and helping the local bee population!

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